A creation story (maybe humans were first)

Eons ago, the entity we consider God stumbled upon an unexpected success: He created us. He wasn’t aiming for humanity, for some species with our ability to reason, change, and create, but we were the result of some experiment, like the sticky/unsticky glue on the back of Post-It Notes, only we had the capacity for abstract reasoning and thought.

It didn’t take long for this erstwhile deity to recognize what he had. He saw the ambition and drive for problem solving that would eventually inspire people like Thomas Edison try thousands of times to create tools to make our lives more comfortable.

So he showed humans to his friends. He gained notoriety. His creation was all the buzz, and he became uncomfortable with the praise. It’s said our confidence goes down, not up, when we receive praise for results we know we couldn’t duplicate, and our creator became obsessed by the idea of re-creating the recipe. His attempts were marginally successful. Sometimes he came close (he called those “chimpanzees”) and sometimes he was way off (the wasp was a major disappointment) but after populating a world with tens of thousands of species, he conceded his defeat and disappeared from the limelight in his own world.

Our God became a hermit. Every now and again, his peers ask whatever happened to so-and-so and his amazing creations? You never see him in the news these days.

In despair, he realized that his own creation, humans, were actually more powerful, more capable of creation and progress, than he was. He watched us recognize problems, build, solve, create. “My creations create anything they believe in strongly enough,” he thought. “No obstacle has stood for long against them.”

So he abandoned his attempts to make another species of humans, and instilled in us instead a desperate need for religion. For God. For an omnipotent creator. He is waiting even now for our unbreakable will to instill in him the divine attributes he  so desperately craves.


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  1. Dave October 3, 2013 at 7:17 pm #

    Reading you makes me jealous. Maybe He was Roman? (What have the Romans ever done for us! Aside from the roads. And sewers. Ok, yes, and wine and medicine. But what have they done for us lately?!)

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